25th June 2016 - the Venue @ DMU

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What is the IMC?

The International Machinima Convention aims to bring academics and industry members from games, animation, and film together, in order to host an ongoing conversation about the history and future of machinima as a trans-disciplinary medium.
Taking place on Saturday 25th June in Leicester, the event is organised by Jason Boomer, a student of MA/MSc Creative Technologies at De Montfort University.
The IMC will continue in 2017 and will increase the public-facing aspects of the event, including more panels, indie exhibitors, and by adding tournaments and casual gaming.

What is Machinima?

Machinima, at its most basic, can be described as games-based filmmaking. It grew out of the Quake gaming community in 1996, and uses skills from games, animation, and filmmaking disciplines.
The name was given by Hugh Hancock, founder of Machinima.com and The Strange Company, and is derived from a combination of the words ‘machine’ and ‘cinema’. Notable producers include Rooster Teeth, Yogscast, and PewDiePie.

Why is it important?

Machinima is important as a creative and cultural medium, as it is cheap, flexible, rapidly evolving, and without geopolitical boundaries, and the tools needed to produce machinima are becoming more accessible every day. This democratisation of content production is one factor changing the way media is being consumed, with more people turning to online content, and machinima is a major part of the content being consumed. Rapidly evolving gaming and internet technologies offer more opportunities than ever before, yet this progress gives little pause to reflect on the history and impact of this two-decade old art form. With the founders of the subversive medium scattered around the world, this history is lost to all but those who were there.


Panel One

11:00 - 12:00

Machinima: A Virtual Retrospective (Screening)

Machinima has existed for over two decades, with ties to hacker communities from the 1980s, but despite this lengthy history it is still a largely unknown medium. This panel will present a series of videos from notable producers and game engines, and will be accompanied by insight from one of the leading machinima academics in the world.


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